UL2 Urea Dosing System

Cummins Logo UL2 Urea Dosing System

  • Capable of meeting high flow dosing rates of up to 20.5 kg/hr
  • Flexibility and ease of integration
    • Unique fluid recirculation system that allows the injector to be cooled by urea
    • Accommodates varying dosing line lengths, allowing the distance between the supply and dosing unit to be chosen more freely, without affecting controls technology
  • Liquid-only dosing system which offers freeze-robustness in its design, and improved reliability
  • Prevents doser crystallization and clogging
  • Optimized dosing spray performance, reducing deposit formations and enhances mixing capabilities to significantly improve reliability


UL2 Urea Dosing System Aftertreatment

  • Proven DPF & SCR Solution:
    Over 2.6 billion hours of SCR experience.
  • Flexible System:
    Modular system allows for easier machine integration.

UL2 Urea Dosing System Aftertreatment

  • Single-cylinder design offers improved particulate matter (PM) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) reduction capabilities.
  • Reductions of up to 70% in claim space and 40% in weight (compared to DPF & SCR systems in comparable markets).

UL2 Urea Dosing System Aftertreatment

The Diesel Particulate Filter is designed to remove diesel particulate matter from the exhaust gas of the engine.